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XCEL Delivery’s Delivery and Distribution History

Xcel Delivery has been fortunate to deliver in many places over the years we have done business. Much of our business takes place in the Tucson and Phoenix Metro area. Every now and then we get deliveries that require us to go further. Across the years we have been delivering excellence across town and across the world. From Arizona to Istanbul our couriers have been a lot of places and delivered many things to keep things moving. every now and then there has been time to stop and take a picture along the way.


The Spivacks’ are a close-knit family that is customer-oriented down to the core. They believe in community, and they work hard to contribute deeply towards the stimulation, growth, and economic support of the local Tucson area. It is their devotion to customers, near and far, combined with their steadfast business ethics, that has awarded them the tremendous reputation they have.

They remain connected to their family, customers, and staff by working as part of the daily operations at Xcel Delivery Services. The Spivacks’ strongly regard their entire team of employees; who they attribute much of the company’s growth and retention of high level customer satisfaction to, and value their continued growth in Xcel Delivery Services.

Married for over 20 years with 2 grown sons, they take part in community events and spending time with their family. They have an extensive love for Tucson, and when relaxing; they can be found on the biking trails, local tennis courts, and hiking trails breathing in the Tucson air. Additionally, they share a common love for travel and cooking.

Throughout Arizona and Beyond

Located in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Xcel Delivery services warehouses are located in close proximity to Interstates and International Airports. 

In Tucson, we can provide service to all of Southern Arizona and beyond utilizing I-10 and the Tucson International Airport(TUC). In Phoenix, we provide service to all of surrounding cities such as Scottsdale,  Mesa, Glendale, Tempe and beyond.  With the Phoenix International Airport(PHX), Xcel can cover your needs almost anywhere you want to go. 

From Douglas to Yuma, Winslow to Kingman and all the places in-between, we can get your delivery where it needs to be.