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Amazon Flex: A Look at Ridesharing for Last Mile Delivery

Amazon Flex: A Look at Ridesharing for Last Mile Delivery

Amazon may have started out as a small bookseller operating out of a garage, but it grew quickly to become an e-commerce giant. Today, Amazon is known for having fingers in many pies, offering everything from digital assistants to streaming shows and movies to groceries. The phenomenal growth of this Internet powerhouse also means a surge in the number of packages that must be delivered to customers, many of whom expect two-day or even same-day shipping. To meet the demand, the company has introduced Amazon Flex.

Overview of Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a last mile delivery service that works on a model similar to ridesharing programs like Uber or Lyft. It essentially crowdsources the delivery system by contracting with individuals in various cities who are interested in earning some cash on the side using their own vehicles. However, instead of giving rides to strangers, Amazon Flex drivers deliver packages to their final destinations.

Requirements for Amazon Flex

Just like Uber and Lyft, Amazon Flex isn’t picky about who it hires to deliver packages. All that’s needed is to have a reliable vehicle and an Android smartphone. Drivers must also be at least 21 years old and pass a background check. Drivers must also live in one of the cities where the pilot program is being tested prior to its anticipated nationwide expansion.

Limitations of Amazon Flex

Although Amazon Flex may be an effective way to get packages into the hands of customers, it does have certain limitations. One of these is that it isn’t directly a B2B service. The only packages delivered through Amazon Flex are those ordered on Amazon, including Amazon.com, AmazonFresh, Amazon Restaurants, and Prime Now orders. This means that if you run a business and need a way to make last mile deliveries on products that aren’t sold through Amazon, you’ll still need to contract with a different delivery company to get your products to their destinations.

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