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Breaking Down the Myths About Fleet Replacement Services

Breaking Down the Myths About Fleet Replacement Services

On-time deliveries are essential to keeping customers happy, but ensuring your fleet is up to the challenge is not always easy. Having a fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers is costly, and the management of your fleet is difficult to predict. An unexpected surge in orders combined with a mechanical issue for your fleet can trigger a customer service disaster. That is why Xcel Delivery is pleased to offer fleet replacement services to our customers. We understand how important it is to serve your customers’ needs while staying on budget, but some clients let misunderstandings about fleet replacement stop them from taking advantage of this helpful service. Here is a look at the truth behind some of the myths about fleet replacement services. 

Myth: Fleet replacement services are too expensive. 

If you think that fleet replacement is too costly for you, you may be surprised to learn that most businesses who use the service rely on it for its cost-effectiveness. When you consider the purchase cost of fleet vehicles, plus maintenance, fuel, and depreciation, supplementing your existing fleet with fleet replacement services can be an ideal way to save money and budget for a predictable expense. 

Myth: My company doesn’t have enough orders to consider fleet replacement.

Fleet replacement isn’t about the volume of orders you have. Instead, it is about strategically balancing the cost of your fleet with the ups and downs of order cycles. If you have periods of increased orders, such as holiday orders, followed by lower volume periods, you can alter your delivery schedules with ease. We offer fleet ranging from vans to large trucks, so we can supplement your delivery needs regardless of the size of your business. 

Are you interested in learning more about how fleet replacement services can help your business spend your delivery budget more efficiently? Call our delivery company in Phoenix today at (602) 368-1300.

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