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Common Myths About Cross-Docking

The supply chain is comprised not only of transportation networks and logistics procedures, but also of warehousing partners. However, it isn’t always necessary to store goods in a warehouse. Cross-docking takes storage out of the supply chain, allowing goods to be unloaded from one vehicle, sorted, and then immediately reloaded onto another vehicle to continue…

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Coronavirus & Our Deliveries

As concern over the spread of the coronavirus deepens, here are some things we think you should know about our deliveries: — First, it is highly unlikely that the virus could be transmitted from the surface of a package –  According to the World Health Organization(WHO) “It is very unlikely that the virus will persist…

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What Is Cross-Docking?

Every logistics professional is focused on one goal: to optimize the supply chain by enhancing efficiency. Improving efficiency may mean getting products into the hands of consumers faster, cutting shipping costs, or reducing labor costs—or all three. If you need to improve the efficiency of your company’s logistics, talk to your shipping carrier about cross-docking….

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Spotlight on Freight Insurance

The best way to ensure your freight arrives at its intended destination on time and undamaged is to choose a shipping company with a reputation for excellence. However, even the best shipping companies experience problems from time to time, such as severe storms and traffic accidents. That’s why shippers should always acquire freight insurance. Why…

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FAQs and Answers About Cross-Docking

Cross-docking can play an important role in the logistics of product distribution. It minimizes the amount of the time products spend in storage and transit, so that they can get from manufacturers and suppliers directly to customers or retail establishments quickly. This unique supply management technique can be especially helpful in shipping perishable items. Could…

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Plan Better Corporate Events with Our Delivery Services

Sometimes the day of a corporate event will come around and you’ll have everything you need, but most people know the sinking feeling of having forgotten something important. When you find yourself in this situation, you need top-notch assistance from Xcel Delivery Services. Read on and plan a better corporate event with our delivery services….

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