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Archive for Distribution and Warehousing

Critical Characteristics to Look For When Choosing a Warehouse

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re simply expanding and need more storage space, choosing a warehouse is a bit more complex than you might think. If you simply pick the first warehouse you come across, you may end up disappointed by their services. What’s worse—a warehouse that isn’t operated efficiently, safely, or securely…

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Understanding Last Mile Delivery

Few aspects of the logistics and transportation industry are as troublesome as last mile delivery. For business owners, last mile delivery represents a major percentage of their shipping costs (estimates range from 28% to 53%). Despite its many challenges, partnering with an established and savvy transportation company can greatly ease the challenges of last mile…

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Is Online Business Booming? Check Out Our Warehousing Solutions to Help You Grow Your Inventory

If your business offers online sales, you may have seen an influx of orders as customers seek alternatives to shopping in stores. Unfortunately, your sales potential is still limited in the online landscape if you can’t keep enough inventory in stock. Ramping up labor to fulfill orders may be another current challenge for your business….

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Tips for Shipping Produce in a Hot Climate

Supermarket managers and consumers alike love the warmer months of the year because fresh, delicious produce abounds. Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky for farmers and other producers to ship all that fresh produce without having it wilt or spoil en route. Use the following tricks to reduce spoilage rates and help more of…

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What Tucson Businesses Can Expect with Our Distribution Center

Warehouse and distribution centers in Tucson AZ

Are you ready to scale up your inventory? Or perhaps you’re starting a business from home and have no place to store your goods. It’s not necessary to purchase commercial square footage. All you need is a spacious, well-secured distribution center. Xcel Delivery Services offers a conveniently located distribution center on South Broadmont Drive in…

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What the Meal Kit Delivery Trend Means for the Logistics Industry

Meal delivery kits have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. People love the convenience of getting the precise amount of ingredients they need to cook a meal delivered right to their doors, alongside a recipe that is designed to allow them to prepare a fast and tasty dinner. Although these conveniences are appealing to…

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The Primary Perks of Using Pallets

Pallets are incredibly useful for managing freight. They keep your shipments in order and subsequently make them easier to move and store. Because pallets come in a variety of sizes, you can easily get the right type and number to meet your needs. If you use a warehousing service or make use of cross docking,…

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Answers to Common Questions About Inventory Management

Inventory management is an indispensable component of supply chain management. It involves ordering inventory, controlling and storing inventory, and managing the amount of products available for sale and delivery. At its heart, inventory management is straightforward, requiring an ideal balance of product availability, cost, location, and amount. But in reality, inventory management can be tricky….

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Do the Advantages of Cross Docking Outweigh the Disadvantages?

Cross docking is a strategy used in warehouses and delivery terminals to make supply chain management easier. When used correctly, it can make delivery times faster and simplify warehouse logistics, so that the entire supply chain process operates more efficiently. However, there are some potential disadvantages to cross docking that make some companies to question…

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