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Archive for Industry News

Spotlight on Lab Courier Services

Lab courier services are sensitive and require attention to handling instructions and delivery deadlines. If a lab courier delivery is late, the sample could be ruined—even worse, important patient care could be delayed. At Xcel Delivery Services, we are committed to being a one-stop shop for your lab courier needs and can partner with you…

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Youth on Their Own

High school is a difficult enough time for most students, without having to navigate homelessness along the way. Homelessness in high school frequently leads to dropping out, which further exacerbates the issue and can contribute to ongoing chaos in life. Youth on Their Own has dedicated itself to helping high school students in this situation…

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How the Pandemic Has Affected Shipping

Few parts of life have not been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the shipping industry has been deeply impacted. Increased demand, issues in the supply chain, and international restrictions have all put the shipping and logistics industry on the front lines of fighting the pandemic. Some impacts of COVID-19 may lead to permanent changes…

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Spotlight on Bag It

A cancer diagnosis is scary and disorienting. On top of the obvious concerns about treatment and outcomes, the prospect of navigating the system of cancer care and finding the necessary support and resources is daunting. Bag It aims to change that. The Bag It Bag gives cancer patients the tools they need to become empowered…

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Critical Characteristics to Look For When Choosing a Warehouse

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re simply expanding and need more storage space, choosing a warehouse is a bit more complex than you might think. If you simply pick the first warehouse you come across, you may end up disappointed by their services. What’s worse—a warehouse that isn’t operated efficiently, safely, or securely…

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Common Myths About Cross-Docking

The supply chain is comprised not only of transportation networks and logistics procedures, but also of warehousing partners. However, it isn’t always necessary to store goods in a warehouse. Cross-docking takes storage out of the supply chain, allowing goods to be unloaded from one vehicle, sorted, and then immediately reloaded onto another vehicle to continue…

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The Importance of Choosing an Efficient Warehouse Partner

Many business owners and operations managers pay little attention to the process of choosing a warehouse to store their goods prior to shipping. Yet, the distribution facility plays a critical role in the supply chain. The selection of an inefficient, disorganized warehouse partner can spell trouble for your own business. As a result, it’s important…

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