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Common Myths About Cross-Docking

Common Myths About Cross-Docking

The supply chain is comprised not only of transportation networks and logistics procedures, but also of warehousing partners. However, it isn’t always necessary to store goods in a warehouse. Cross-docking takes storage out of the supply chain, allowing goods to be unloaded from one vehicle, sorted, and then immediately reloaded onto another vehicle to continue on their way—without being stored in a warehouse. Cross-docking has long been a staple of the logistics industry, yet there are still some common myths that persist.

Myth: Cross-docking is expensive.

The truth is that cross-docking can save your company money. This is because the freight is subjected to only minimal handling. Furthermore, the freight doesn’t have to be stored for long periods of time at a warehouse. Typically, the inbound products are unloaded at one end of the dock, sorted in the middle, and then reloaded on the other end. They rarely stay at the facility longer than a few hours. In short, this means your company will save money on storage costs. 

Myth: Cross-docking can inflict greater damage on goods in transit.

No business wants to hear their customers complain about receiving damaged items. It can get expensive to ship replacement items to customers, and furthermore, dissatisfied customers generally aren’t shy about voicing their complaints on review websites. This can significantly harm a company’s public reputation. Fortunately, cross-docking is a great way to minimize damage to goods. A cross-docking operation will limit the number of locations that the items must go through prior to their arrival at the final destination. As a result, there is less potential for damage.

Myth: Cross-docking causes delays in delivery times.

These days, customers expect to receive their items very quickly, often in as little as two days. It’s sometimes thought that cross-docking can cause delivery delays, but actually, it can facilitate faster deliveries. Since the facility is able to achieve a high product turnover rate, the items are sent on their way much faster.

Here at Xcel Delivery Services, we are experts at cross-docking. Our facilities feature multiple bays at varying heights to accommodate all types of transportation vehicles, and we also offer short-term storage solutions. You can get in touch with our team in Phoenix at (602) 368-1300.

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