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How the Pandemic Has Affected Shipping

How the Pandemic Has Affected Shipping

Few parts of life have not been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the shipping industry has been deeply impacted. Increased demand, issues in the supply chain, and international restrictions have all put the shipping and logistics industry on the front lines of fighting the pandemic. Some impacts of COVID-19 may lead to permanent changes in the shipping field. Here is a look at some of the effects the industry has experienced. 

Drastic Reduction in Maritime Shipping

When maritime shipping slows down, shipping on land is impacted as well. Travel restrictions, fluctuating demand, and varying sanitization requirements in different ports helped to create more than a 4% reduction in maritime trade in 2020. The knock-on effect of this disruption is particularly significant for companies that rely on foreign suppliers for product inputs or whose products are made overseas. For consumers, this translates to shortages on the shelves that can be challenging to navigate. 

Longer Shipping Times

Virtually anyone who has had items shipped to them during the pandemic knows that shipping times are longer and less predictable than normal. Many airlines that play a role in shipping have reduced flights, thus making it more difficult to get shipments where they need to be in a timely manner. International shipments are taking more time to clear customs because of increased sanitization procedures, which is slowing down production and deliveries. 

Changes in Demand

Demand for shipping has fluctuated and changed throughout the pandemic. In early days, there were shortages of household items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies that remained in enormous demand for months. Meanwhile, some regular corporate shipping customers were going out of business, while consumer shipping demands skyrocketed. These shifts have changed profit margins as well as the demand for different types of shipping. 

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