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Defining What Makes Your Business Unique

Why should customers choose your business over your competitors’ companies? That is the question every potential customer has to ask when he or she is looking for a business to deliver the services that they need. Do you have a good answer? Deciding what it is that makes your business stand out is important to…

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Benefits of Using a Distribution Center

Warehouse and distribution centers in Tucson AZ

One of the challenges of doing business in a product-centric industry is simply getting all of your goods where they need to be efficiently. Using a distribution center can alleviate many of these logistical issues of access and fast delivery you, so you’re free to focus on sales and managing your business. Here are some…

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Learning from Others’ Mistakes: Case Studies in Logistics Failures

When your business needs to get products to customers, how do you get them there? For many businesses, shipping and logistics are an afterthought. They’re focused on promoting and developing great products that are in demand, but they still think of shipping as novices. Shipping items for business transactions is much different from shipping your…

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Freight and Logistics Terminology Business Owners Should Know

Many business owners underestimate the expense and complexity of their shipping and delivery needs. Making mistakes on your freight shipping and logistics can be costly, so it pays to spend time learning the basics so that you can better manage your needs. As you begin to make arrangements for shipping and deliveries, here is a…

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FAQs and Answers About Cross-Docking

Cross-docking can play an important role in the logistics of product distribution. It minimizes the amount of the time products spend in storage and transit, so that they can get from manufacturers and suppliers directly to customers or retail establishments quickly. This unique supply management technique can be especially helpful in shipping perishable items. Could…

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Common Reasons for Shipping Delays You Can Prevent

Shipping delays can lead to dissatisfied customers and frustrated downstream clients. Although some triggers for shipping delays, such as weather events, cannot be avoided, often, the cause of a delay is completely preventable. Could you be delaying your shipments inadvertently? Here are some common reasons shipments can get delayed, so you can take steps to…

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Best Practices in Blood Sample Shipping

Shipping blood samples is a necessary part of medical care, but because of the risk of bloodborne pathogens and patient identification errors, special care must be taken. Start by choosing a delivery company who is experienced in medical delivery services so that they understand the necessity of handling samples with care. These other tips will…

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Is a Waymo and Honda Partnership in the Works?

In the quest for self-driving car supremacy, Waymo and Tesla are going head-to-head, but does Waymo have a new recipe for success? Waymo and Honda are in talks to design a brand-new vehicle together, and unlike other self-driving car efforts that are aimed at carrying human passengers, this vehicle is expected to be designed with…

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