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Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Courier in Arizona

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Courier in Arizona

Next Flight Out

Sometimes a delivery to another city or state can not wait until tomorrow and needs to be completed sooner than next day. When these needs arise Xcel Delivery offers Next Flight and Hand Carry services. With our AOG Courier services, your package is sent with the next available flight to its destination and delivered from the airport to its final destination. We can also pickup your package from your cargo carrier and provide the last leg of the delivery chain to get your package where it needs to be.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Courier in Arizona

Hand Carry

We also offer Hand Carry services to expedite delivery times. Whether across the state or around the globe, Xcel Delivery can offer hand carry service via highway or airliner to assure that your delivery is monitored and secure for its entire trip to its destination. With hand carry service your package is kept with the courier at all times and is monitored by our dispatch team at all times during its journey to provide a clear and concise record of where and when it was delivered.

Throughout Arizona and Beyond

Located in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Xcel Delivery services warehouses are located in close proximity to Interstates and International Airports. 

In Tucson, we can provide service to all of Southern Arizona and beyond utilizing I-10 and the Tucson International Airport(TUC). In Phoenix, we provide service to all of surrounding cities such as Scottsdale,  Mesa, Glendale, Tempe and beyond.  With the Phoenix International Airport(PHX), Xcel can cover your needs almost anywhere you want to go. 

From Douglas to Yuma, Winslow to Kingman and all the places in-between, we can get your delivery where it needs to be.