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Fleet Replacement Services

Xcel Delivery Service is proud to provide reliable and professional delivery and logistics services. That’s why we’re Arizona’s trusted delivery service. Not only do we offer expedited, fast, urgent deliveries and weekly scheduled pickups, we can also provide on-demand business solutions – and that includes both vehicles and drivers.


We know that purchasing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is costly. Unexpected expenses can arise more frequently than you planned on, and things like vehicle depreciation, repairs and maintenance are not always top of mind. When you factor in fuel costs, scheduled maintenance, purchase cost, and interest rate, it can be hard to predict and plan for these expenses or being short one or more vehicles.


It can also be challenging to balance the number of drivers you need during busy periods versus slow periods – and at times, it is hard to predict those periods. It’s also hard to plan for the unexpected rush or slowdown. Too many drivers leads to unused time and increased expenses and too few drivers often results in late deliveries and unhappy customers. And the hiring process can be both daunting and time-consuming, taking you away from your business.

Fleet Replacement Services Tucson and Phoenix Arizona

Reduce vehicle and personnel-related overhead costs and their associated headaches with Xcel Delivery Service’s variety of flexible Fleet Management options. We can provide a vehicle – or vehicles – while yours are being maintained or repaired, and we can also provide drivers when you need them. Our drivers operate a wide variety of vehicles and are well-suited to fit your delivery needs. From vans to trucks, we ensure your delivery is on time and handled with the utmost care.

Whether you need overflow help during holidays or after hours, are short vehicles due to maintenance and repairs or are looking to take advantage of efficiencies by replacing your entire fleet of vehicles and drivers, Xcel Delivery Service has a solution to meet your needs.

Throughout Arizona and Beyond

Located in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Xcel Delivery services warehouses are located in close proximity to Interstates and International Airports. 

In Tucson, we can provide service to all of Southern Arizona and beyond utilizing I-10 and the Tucson International Airport(TUC). In Phoenix, we provide service to all of surrounding cities such as Scottsdale,  Mesa, Glendale, Tempe and beyond.  With the Phoenix International Airport(PHX), Xcel can cover your needs almost anywhere you want to go. 

From Douglas to Yuma, Winslow to Kingman and all the places in-between, we can get your delivery where it needs to be.