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Spotlight on Lab Courier Services

Spotlight on Lab Courier Services

Lab courier services are sensitive and require attention to handling instructions and delivery deadlines. If a lab courier delivery is late, the sample could be ruined—even worse, important patient care could be delayed. At Xcel Delivery Services, we are committed to being a one-stop shop for your lab courier needs and can partner with you to streamline the delivery process. 

What makes lab courier services different from other delivery services?

No matter how good a delivery company is at their normal services, not all delivery companies can provide lab courier services. Lab courier services are specialized for a number of reasons. First, there are regulatory guidelines that have to be followed, particularly when transporting potentially infectious samples, to ensure safety. Samples must also be stored and handled in specific ways to ensure that they are not compromised or degraded. Frequently, lab specimens are time sensitive, and in some cases, delivery of the specimens to the appropriate lab has to happen urgently in order to get results that will inform critical patient care decisions. With so many different layers of potential complications, not every delivery service can meet the needs of customers who need a lab courier. 

How does Xcel Delivery Services manage lab courier deliveries?

At Xcel Delivery Services, we are experienced lab couriers and can manage a variety of delivery needs seamlessly. We use temperature and light-controlled vehicles to maintain the proper conditions for samples, and we can customize delivery routes to ensure your pick-ups and drop-offs happen as efficiently as possible. We provide service around the clock, seven days per week, and our large fleet means that we’re always available for emergency services, as needed. We can also provide TSA drivers to simplify the process of getting specimens to airlines. 

From routine lab courier services to urgent pick-ups and deliveries of critical specimens, trust Xcel Delivery Services for all of your courier and logistics needs. For more information about our lab courier services in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, call us at (602) 368-1300.

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