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The Basics of Shipping Christmas Trees

The Basics of Shipping Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is the quintessential symbol of the winter season. Soon, millions of people across the U.S. will put up and decorate their trees. Christmas trees are readily available locally from large retail stores, hardware stores, and other vendors, but have you ever considered how they get there? Shipping live trees is no easy feat. It requires careful planning and the expertise of an established shipping carrier.

Ship live trees on the right type of trucks.

One of the most important rules of shipping live trees is to avoid flatbed trucks. Flatbeds might seem like a smart way to stack large numbers of trees. However, while live trees can withstand the elements in their natural environment perfectly well, they are not naturally suited to the potential hazards of a highway. Road debris, inclement weather, and similar issues can easily damage these trees. Instead, Christmas trees should only be shipped either in dry vans or refrigerated trucks. These cargo trucks provide just enough air circulation and protection to prevent the trees from getting overheated and having their needles dry out.

Choose expedited freight delivery for Christmas tree shipments.

There are two main differences between regular freight and expedited freight delivery. The first is the total time it takes to reach the destination. Expedited freight delivery is far quicker than regular transit. The second main difference is the number of stops made along the way. Whereas a regular freight shipment may involve making many stops, expedited freight makes very few, if any stops. Christmas trees should always be shipped via expedited freight to limit the length of time they will go without water. If they’re shipped via regular freight, the trees are prone to drying out and dropping their needles.

The Festival of Trees and Lights

Xcel Delivery is a proud sponsor of the Arizona Oncology Festival of Trees in Tucson. Each year, this amazing foundation raises money to provide support services to those whose lives are touched by cancer. This charity event auctions off beautiful decorated trees that are on display at the event. Those trees are then donated to various shelters around town in Tucson. Xcel Delivery deliveries these trees to their destinations each year. For more information about this foundation and their wonderful holiday event visit – https://www.facebook.com/pg/www.arizonaoncologyfoundation.org/about/  

If you’re looking for expedited freight services for your delicate cargo, look no further than Xcel Delivery Services. Our fleet can handle anything, including live Christmas trees that require refrigerated transportation. You can request a free quote by calling our office in Phoenix at (602) 368-1300.

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