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Youth on Their Own

Youth on Their Own

High school is a difficult enough time for most students, without having to navigate homelessness along the way. Homelessness in high school frequently leads to dropping out, which further exacerbates the issue and can contribute to ongoing chaos in life. Youth on Their Own has dedicated itself to helping high school students in this situation in Pima County. At Xcel Delivery Services, we’re proud to assist this organization by providing free shipping for their organization. 

History of Youth on Their Own

Youth on Their Own was founded by a high school guidance counselor, Ann Young, in 1986. Young witnessed many students in her school drop out because they were experiencing homelessness. Most of these students were living on the streets without a parent or guardian and struggled to find food and basic necessities. They wanted to stay in school, but they did not have the foundation to be able to do so. 

Young put together a team of high school guidance counselors, teachers, and volunteers to assist these students and help them graduate. With the help of Tucson’s St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Young raised enough money to start a residential home for homeless, female high school students. When that program proved not to be large enough, Youth On Their Own expanded its services. To date, over 160,000 high school students in Tucson have received Youth On Their Own support. 

How to Help Youth On Their Own

If you want to support Youth On Their Own, there are many ways to get involved. The group provides students with grade and attendance-based stipends to help them cover some of their needs, and as such, monetary donations are always welcome. Those enrolled in Youth On Their Own also have access to the Youth On Their Own Mini Mall, where they can get basic necessities like shampoos for free, so donations of those items are also needed. You can also volunteer to assist Youth On Their Own in a number of different ways. Visit their website to learn more

At Xcel Delivery Services, we know that it’s important to give back to the communities in which we live. We’re proud to work with Youth On Their Own providing no-cost shipping services to help distribute supplies and other essential materials. If you need delivery services in Tucson, call us at (520) 408-7200.

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